Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kid's Korner: Butterfly Orb

I know that when I was looking for mobiles for Ella's nursery, I wanted to find something really special. The mobile can be a beautiful focal point in your baby's room. I am very excited to introduce this awesome shop, Butterfly Orb, full of gorgeous, light and whimsical butterfly mobiles. Not only are they a unique design piece for nurseries, but babies love to observe the orb's gentle movement and grace as well. 

Butterfly Orb is owned by Ann and Mark, and I had the pleasure of conversing with Ann. Ann has always loved creating and taught special education for many years. Butterfly Orb opened on Etsy last November. Ann says "I love having the idea of the orb as a piece of art that grows up as the room changes....the mobiles are rather timeless that way. You can also use the inside of the orb for special notes, or a visit from the tooth fairy, or hang a crystal inside, or you can hang ribbons from the orb."

What a gorgeous color scheme!

Each orb is completely handcrafted and takes about 3 hours to make. Ann really likes to work with her customers to create a piece that is a perfect fit for their child's nursery.
"I love getting photos from Moms to be (mostly Moms to be) showing their nursery designs or bedding and then together we talk about the design...some of our collaborative efforts I post at our Etsy store to show others what great color combinations can be created."

A crisp and clean nursery with a Butterfly Orb that gives the room a fun pop of color.

When I asked Ann how the concept for Butterfly Orb began, she said:
"It really was a butterfly that kept coming around every morning, the same butterfly, and each morning with a cup of coffee we would have a visit. Sometimes it would land on my shoulder! Sometimes, it would be at the window in the afternoon, just fluttering around.  Then we starting to talk about butterflies, and movement, people love movement and after much, and many and terrible beginnings we finally landed on the orb design...we knew we wanted an orb shape."

This is Ann's current favorite mobile. "I love how subtle it is and lately soft gray and cream have an appeal to me."
One of Butterfly Orb's happy customers says, "We absolutely love our daughter's butterfly orb mobile! But more importantly, she loves it. So much more beautiful and interesting than the mobiles sold at the big chain stores. Everyone who sees our daughter's nursery is immediately drawn to the butterflies delicately floating above her crib. I have recommended this product to many people! Thanks so much!"
You can be another happy customer after visiting Butterfly Orb on Etsy. Go ahead and take a look!

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