Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mural Musings

This weekend I have begun sketching ideas for the mural I will be painting at a boutique called Scarlet Fiorella in Center City, Philadelphia. I am beyond excited to tackle this project. Not only is Scarlet Fiorella an adorable shop with lots of vintage-y inspired, shabby chic and cute kids' items, but the store owner Michele seems great to work with. She isn't set on a a particular theme for the mural, but we narrowed it down to 3 choices which will have a kid friendly look.
  1. Rowhouses. So fitting for a city boutique. I love the charm of rowhouses and Michele likes my "H is for House" painting as a starting point.
  2. A huge tree. Trees are so beautiful and organic, and I think the simplicity of a tree mural could look awesome.
  3. A pretty pattern. I majored in "Surface Pattern Design", and patterns are my thing. I just love em. There are so many different options for the mural if we go this route.
Inspiration for a tree mural design. Isn't this gorgeous?
H is for House- From my Alphabet Art Line


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