Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lehigh Avenue Arts Festival

Just signed up for my first Arts Festival and already my mind is spinning! I will be setting up a table on September 25-26 at the Lehigh Avenue Arts Festival. My to-do list is ever expanding. Here are some things I am brainstorming for my table:
  • Make a fantastic sign for the table.
  • Create tags/stickers with my logo on them as well as price tags.
  • Create a binder filled with images of previous orders of custom baby name paintings.
  • Order business cards through Etsy. This is a MUST. I would love to support other Etsy-ians and have found tons of sellers who offer graphic design services. It will definitely save me some time.
  • My sister-in-law suggested hosting a raffle. People put business cards in a box and I draw one name. They get a free piece of art from me. Love this idea!
  • Figure out a creative way to display my work at the table. I'm thinking a trip to HomeGoods to search for inspiration is in order. I don't quite have an idea in mind, but they have some cool tabletop accessories there. Hopefully I will resist other temptations, because I LOVE HomeGoods!
  • This festival will be good motivation to finish my Alphabet Art Designs. Still have to finish painting the letters of the alphabet, scan and clean the images, and then have them printed. I already found a fine art printing shop in Old City with reasonable prices called Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints. Hopefully things will go smoothly! I think this will be the most time consuming task.
  • Try to create as much artwork as possible! I will definitely be creating more mix-n-matchable textile blocks and some sweet little embellished canvases like my Elephant.
I'm going to start researching other ideas too, so check back in as I update the progress on preparing for my first craft fair....

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