Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mural Beginnings

The brushes, paint, drop cloths, drafting tape and rulers are out. I'm just beginning the mural at Scarlet Fiorella in Center City Philadelphia. We decided on a rowhouse theme, and I am painting bright patterns on each house so that the mural is very fun and kid friendly. I have had a few challenges so far, namely:
  • Parking. Ugh! Parking in the city is a beast. Not to mention I have to move my car every 2 hours so I dont get ticketed. All you artists out there know that when you are in a groove, it can be really hard to put the brush down.
  • The nooks and crannies. I am painting in the back corner of the store, and while the space is fairly open, I have had to maneveur myself to get into some corner spots. It can be kind of awkward to paint while twisted around in certain angles. I am also trying to be extra careful as there is merchandise all around me. 
  • Whoops! I already dipped my hair in the bucket of paint by accident today. I'm sure there will be more bloopers to come as I am not exactly a vision of grace. 
  • The clock is ticking. I am in a race with time. In just one week I will be back at school :(
Otherwise, things have been going pretty smoothly. I've really been having an absolute blast working on this project and am so excited to have such an awesome opportunity.

Paisley Rowhouse in progress. The wall extends higher than pictured here.
Above the door are windows with planter boxes that are yet to be painted.

Close-up of Paisley. In Progress. I am a huge Paisley fan.
Next steps: The merchandise to the right of the curtain will be moved.
There is actually much more wall space that I didn't photograph on that side.
 I will be using this wall to paint more rowhomes.

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