Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You! Love, Ella.

The outpouring of love we have received from family and friends has been amazing! Thank you to everyone for your visits, your well wishes, and your gifts. If you are looking for a baby gift, I found these ideas to be really creative and/or simply adorable.

A set of bloomers came in the cutest packaging. Check out Bunch O' Bloomers (For Blooming Buns)- each with a colorful flower on the bum!

Ella modeling her bloomers.

"My Very Own Name" is a personalized book that teaches children how to spell their own names. How cool is that idea?!! You can find this and other personalized children's books at I See Me's website.

Another page in the book by I See Me. Look closely and you can see Ella's name in the story!

I love owls! Ella's room is decorated with trees, songbirds and owls. This pillow comes from an Etsy shop called I Sew Lucky,  filled with adorable owl pillows.

A truly unique onesie! My friend (and former sorority sister) had this made on Etsy, though I'm not sure what shop she used. You can find tons of sellers doing personalized work like this on Etsy.

I had never heard of Trumpette socks until having a baby. I think these socks are so fun! Find more designs at http://www.trumpette.com


  1. love the book! and trumpette socks are super cute...they have all different styles. I bought a friend little cowboy boots. :)

    how's my little niece doing? i miss her!

  2. Ella is doing great. She is currently sleeping her in bassinet and I keep seeing a little foot or hand pop up as she stretches :)

    We got a couple of different trumpette sock styles- I love them! Cowboy boots sound really cute!