Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspirational Workspaces

My living room has served as my art studio for the past year as I have been building my business. It has become a beast with a life of its own! Time to tame it.

As I prepare to set up a professional and creative workspace in my basement, I am beginning to look at other workspaces for inspiration. Kind of like creating a piece of art.... the best designs always start with extensive research and observation.

I love all of the shelving in this space. Since I will have a small area to work with,
I will need to get creative and use the space as functionally as possible.

This table is SO COOL! I love all of the hidden storage. Now... where to find something
like this that will work with my budget?

I am not the most organized person, so having these sorts of bins and storage spaces
is really important. I think this can work well in a small space like mine.

Something tells me I will not be able to get all of this custom shelving in my basement.
The area is so neat, clean and airy though- which I will strive for in my new studio.


  1. I wish my work space looked this neat and tidy! How do you manage with yours in the living room? I find it hard to keep my work out of my living space!

  2. I am not managing very well keeping my workspace in the living room! My stuff is everywhere. I work on a lapboard and keep the paints in a container next to me. My supplies end up everywhere though... I can't wait to set up a designated space to work, I think it will really help me focus!