Friday, March 18, 2011

Beautiful Trees

Oh my god, I am dying to start working on my baby's mural in the nursery! I have decided to start the mural fairly soon before my belly gets too big. I will post progress as I begin working on the project. I am having visions of a huge, beautiful white tree with lavender lovebirds. I love trees. I think they are one of the most beautiful forms in nature; they have a lot of curving lines, the leaf comes in so many visually interesting shapes, and the tree is an overall comforting symbol of shelter. I decided to look online for some ideas, and I found so many gorgeous inspirations.

What a fabulous idea. A functional mural that incorporates shelves!

Loving the birch trees in this mural. The pops of orange
are so pretty, too!

This was the kind of look I originally had in terms of color. I like the white stylized tree
with the birds in a different, vibrant color so they are emphasized.

I used this example in a previous post when I was designing the mural at Scarlet Fiorella. I really, really love way this tree was drawn. The organic, flowing lines are beautiful, and I really enjoy how it bends over the crib, so that the tree and crib interact.

I am not a huge fan of the style of this particular tree, but if you look closely, the lovebirds have different patterns in them. It also seems they are three-dimensional appliques. Liking that idea a lot.

Stay tuned as I post updates on this project!


  1. You are incredible.... absolutely beautiful..!!!

    Janine T.