Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Months

Two months? Already? Before I know it, Ella will be 18! I took photos of Ella yesterday on her two month birthday and she already looks SO much bigger than she did in her one month pics. It is so amazing watching her grow- and even better, seeing her smile!


  1. Ella looks like she's enjoying life already! Hope you can keep up with her until she get's to 18! Just enjoy each step as it happens. Mine are big, big girls now but my late mother-in-law, God rest her soul, used to "enjoy your children when they're young" They grow up far too fast! She was dead right!

  2. She is a cutie pie! I love your work as well! I saw your blog from Etsy's TriState team btw.

  3. I love the use of the blocks, very cute! I love the name Ella too.

    Her expression in the 2nd to last pic and her smile in the last one are precious!