Friday, November 5, 2010

A Post about Needing to Post

Hi All! I have been seriously neglecting my poor little blog. I really do love writing in here and I hate that my last post was almost a month ago! I am still quite overwhelmed with life but wanted to let you all know I am still alive. I am making it a goal to post more frequently. Just to catch you up, here is what is currently on my plate:
  • My custom artwork is really thriving! Every week I have had at least 3 projects to work on.
  • I just started creating handpainted picture frames and mirrors. I have so many ideas, I wish my hand worked as quickly as my brain.
  • I currently have 3 regular private art students. I am just loving it. After a hectic day at school where I dont get much one-on-one time with students, this is heaven. I am working with a 7th grader, 4th grader and 2nd grader. They are like little sponges and want to learn so much! The only downside is that one of my appointments is 1 hour away near Lancaster and I often hit traffic on the dreaded 76.
  • I am feeling kind of worn out by school already. I can't believe it's only November.
  • I am finally going to Scarlet Fiorella next week with a load of framed Alphabet Art. I am also bringing a sign to advertise my info which will hang by the mural.
  • Debating whether I should look into a holiday craft fair/Hanukah Bazaar. This would be my first, as the Lehigh Avenue Arts Fest was a bust. (It was more flea market-y than craft fair). Not sure if I have enough ready-made stuff to sell, and as much as I want more business, dont want to overwhelm myself.
  • Trying to carve out time for hubby, family, friends. I love to be on the go, but I am just beyond tired these days. When I get free time, I want to sleep! Still working on the time management............ 


  1. Let me know if you find a good craft fair. I am looking to shop at one this Christmas season. Thanks!

  2. Sure Jamie.... I will def let you know if I find something. I haven't done much research yet!