Sunday, September 12, 2010

Featured Seller: Simply Pretty Prints

My latest featured seller is Sarah of Simply Pretty Prints. Her Etsy Shop is a pretty mix of handpainted and handstamped items for home, garden and more. I think her designs are sweet, simple and refreshing.

"I’ve enjoyed being creative since I can remember. One of the things that sticks out in my memory is regularly spending hours drawing cartoons and sketching things with my best friends growing up."

I asked Sarah about her inspiration for opening up an Etsy shop.
"Working as a design engineer for about 9 years nurtured my scientific and methodical side, but not so much my creative and artistic side. After feeling a little burnt out, I had to find creative outlet, nourish my hobbies, and find some balance. Always wanting to learn something new, I took guitar lessons, painting, dancing, and worked on little craft projects on my own. Eventually it evolved into starting my own etsy shop."
Sarah finds inspiration everywhere, especially in nature. She take lots of pictures when she is out walking and hiking and works from those pictures. Her current favorite item is something she just made, the Hello Love Coffee Mug.

When asked if she has any new ideas for her Etsy shop:

"I can’t stop thinking of ideas and creating new things! This is mostly a good thing, but sometimes makes it difficult to stay focused on my long term goals."

What else can you find Sarah involved in when she is not devoting energy to Etsy?
"I love to do things outdoors, eat and make good food, watch shows or movies that make me think or laugh, hang out with good friends and family, travel, and learn new things! I try to stay active by hiking, riding my bike, and most recently, playing racquetball."

A Popular Item at Simply Pretty Prints: Pair of Japanese Tea Cups

My Favorite Item in SimplyPrettyPrint's shop: Garden Markers

Sarah's recent favorite Item: Hello Love Mug

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